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Web Barcode is an app written for the Linea Pro iPod touch peripheral.

It listens for barcodes scans and magnetic card swipes, and then converts them to custom HTML DOM events. Using it, you can write javascript code to interface with the scanner.

If you have a device with a Linea Pro, you can visit our demo page to see the device in action.

A short example:

    function onScan(ev){
      var scan =;
      alert("Barcode of type " + scan.type + " scanned with value: " + scan.value );
    function onSwipe(ev){
      var swipe =;
      if ( swipe.isFinancialCard ){
        alert("Name: " + + "\nNumber: " +
        swipe.number + "\nExpire: " +
        swipe.month + "/" + swipe.year );
      } else {
        alert( "Track 1: " + swipe.track1 + "\nTrack 2: " +
        swipe.track2 + "\nTrack3: " + swipe.track3 );
    document.addEventListener("BarcodeScanned", onScan, false);
    document.addEventListener("MagCardSwiped", onSwipe, false);

Coupled with the power of a Linea Pro device, it allows you to quickly and easily get data from it - without having to write your own iOs application.

For customized version of this application with your custom icon and name, please Contact Argosity We'd also be happy to help you write a full fledged iOs application to really take advantage of everything the Linea Pro has to offer.